VCV Rack API  v1
rack::settings Namespace Reference

Process-level globals. More...


json_t * toJson ()
void fromJson (json_t *rootJ)
void save (const std::string &path)
void load (const std::string &path)


bool devMode
 Runtime state, not serialized. More...
bool headless
std::string token
 Persistent state, serialized to settings.json. More...
math::Vec windowSize
math::Vec windowPos
float zoom
bool invertZoom
float cableOpacity
float cableTension
bool allowCursorLock
bool realTime
float sampleRate
int threadCount
bool paramTooltip
bool cpuMeter
bool lockModules
int frameSwapInterval
float autosavePeriod
bool skipLoadOnLaunch
std::string patchPath
std::vector< NVGcolor > cableColors

Detailed Description

Process-level globals.

Function Documentation

◆ toJson()

json_t* rack::settings::toJson ( )

◆ fromJson()

void rack::settings::fromJson ( json_t *  rootJ)

◆ save()

void rack::settings::save ( const std::string &  path)

◆ load()

void rack::settings::load ( const std::string &  path)

Variable Documentation

◆ devMode

bool rack::settings::devMode

Runtime state, not serialized.

◆ headless

bool rack::settings::headless

◆ token

std::string rack::settings::token

Persistent state, serialized to settings.json.

◆ windowSize

math::Vec rack::settings::windowSize

◆ windowPos

math::Vec rack::settings::windowPos

◆ zoom

float rack::settings::zoom

◆ invertZoom

bool rack::settings::invertZoom

◆ cableOpacity

float rack::settings::cableOpacity

◆ cableTension

float rack::settings::cableTension

◆ allowCursorLock

bool rack::settings::allowCursorLock

◆ realTime

bool rack::settings::realTime

◆ sampleRate

float rack::settings::sampleRate

◆ threadCount

int rack::settings::threadCount

◆ paramTooltip

bool rack::settings::paramTooltip

◆ cpuMeter

bool rack::settings::cpuMeter

◆ lockModules

bool rack::settings::lockModules

◆ frameSwapInterval

int rack::settings::frameSwapInterval

◆ autosavePeriod

float rack::settings::autosavePeriod

◆ skipLoadOnLaunch

bool rack::settings::skipLoadOnLaunch

◆ patchPath

std::string rack::settings::patchPath

◆ cableColors

std::vector<NVGcolor> rack::settings::cableColors