VCV Rack API  v1
rack::tag Namespace Reference


int findId (const std::string &tag)
 Searches for a tag ID. More...


const std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > tagAliases
 List of tags and their aliases. More...

Function Documentation

◆ findId()

int rack::tag::findId ( const std::string &  tag)

Searches for a tag ID.

Searches tag aliases. Case-insensitive. Returns -1 if not found.

Variable Documentation

◆ tagAliases

const std::vector<std::vector<std::string> > rack::tag::tagAliases

List of tags and their aliases.

The first alias of each tag tag[tagId][0] is the "canonical" alias. It is guaranteed to exist and should be used as the human-readable form.

This list is manually alphabetized by the canonical alias.