VCV Rack API  v1
Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 NappRack-specific GUI widgets and functions that control and offer feedback for the rack state
 NaudioAudio driver
 NcolorUtilities for NVGcolor
 NcomponentlibraryComponent Library by Grayscale
 NdspDigital signal processing routines
 NeventHandles user interaction with Widget
 NgamepadGamepad/joystick/controller MIDI driver
 NhistoryUndo history actions for the Rack application
 NkeyboardComputer keyboard MIDI driver
 NloggerLogs messages to a file or the console with decoration
 NmathSupplemental <cmath> functions and types
 NmidiMIDI driver
 NnetworkNetworking functions for HTTP requests, URLs, and downloads
 NpluginPlugin loader and plugin manager
 NrandomRandom number generator
 NsettingsProcess-level globals
 NsimdAbstraction of byte-aligned values for SIMD CPU acceleration
 NstringSupplemental std::string functions
 NsystemCross-platform functions for operating systems routines
 NuiGeneral user interface widgets using Blendish
 NupdaterAutomatically updates the application
 NwidgetGeneral UI widgets