Fundraiser: Mutable Instruments Streams for VCV Rack

This fundraiser supports the development of Audible Instruments Dual Dynamics Gate, a port of Mutable Instruments Streams for VCV Rack.

Streams provides two channels of extremely flexible signal dynamics manipulation.

Each channel consists of an analog voltage-controlled filter and amplifier (VCFA). The response curve of the amplifier section is continuously variable from exponential to linear. The amplifier gain is directly controllable from a CV input, through an attenuator. But what makes Streams truly unique is the multi-purpose EXCITE input.

The signal routed to this input is analyzed by a micro-controller and translated into internal control voltages for the VCFA, turning Streams into a very versatile signal contouring tool.


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Funded $0 of $750 goal. Deadline: September 27, 2020.

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