VCV generally does not accept unpaid code contributions (i.e. pull requests and patches) to Rack due to time costs.

A long-lasting change to Rack’s source code is more than just a code patch. Changes usually involve

  • research to devise the best solution with a convincing argument
  • acceptance of API/ABI change proposals
  • generalizability to solve similar issues and flexibility for solving future solutions without a complete rewrite
  • future-proofing to avoid unnecessarily breaking patches or API/ABI in the near future
  • testing on relevant platforms, hardware devices, plugins, etc.
  • dedication to maintain the code in the future
  • sometimes legal review

Unpaid contributions typically omit many of the above tasks, making the code more expensive for me to accept than simply writing it myself. Instead, there are many other areas where contributions are much appreciated.

I will consider your contribution to Rack if you first open a GitHub issue with a detailed design proposal, which may create an open discussion before the change is implemented. By submitting code through a pull request, you agree to assign the copyright of your code to Andrew Belt to be licensed under the BSD-3-Clause (see Licenses).