VCV Rack API v2
context.hpp File Reference
#include <common.hpp>
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struct  rack::Context
 Rack instance state. More...


namespace  rack
 Root namespace for the Rack API.
namespace  rack::history
 Action history for UI undo/redo.
namespace  rack::engine
 High-performance classes handling modules and voltage signals between them.
namespace  rack::window
 Handles OS windowing, OpenGL, and NanoVG.
namespace  rack::patch
 Handles the Rack patch file state.
namespace  rack::widget
 Base UI widget types.
namespace  rack::app
 Rack's custom UI widgets that control the Rack state and engine.


#define APP   rack::contextGet()
 Accesses the global Context pointer. More...


Context * rack::contextGet ()
 Returns the global Context pointer. More...
void rack::contextSet (Context *context)
 Sets the context for this thread. More...
DEPRECATED Context * rack::appGet ()
 Deprecated. More...

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#define APP   rack::contextGet()

Accesses the global Context pointer.

Just an alias for contextGet().