VCV Rack API v2
rack::audio Namespace Reference

Abstraction for all audio drivers in Rack. More...


struct  Device
 A single audio device of a driver API. More...
struct  Driver
 Wraps an audio driver API containing any number of audio devices. More...
struct  Port
 A handle to a Device, typically owned by modules to have shared access to a single Device. More...


PRIVATE void init ()
PRIVATE void destroy ()
void addDriver (int driverId, Driver *driver)
 Registers a new audio driver. More...
std::vector< int > getDriverIds ()
DrivergetDriver (int driverId)

Detailed Description

Abstraction for all audio drivers in Rack.

Function Documentation

◆ init()

PRIVATE void rack::audio::init ( )

◆ destroy()

PRIVATE void rack::audio::destroy ( )

◆ addDriver()

void rack::audio::addDriver ( int  driverId,
Driver driver 

Registers a new audio driver.

Takes pointer ownership. Driver ID is stored in patches and must be unique. -1 is reserved.

◆ getDriverIds()

std::vector< int > rack::audio::getDriverIds ( )

◆ getDriver()

Driver * rack::audio::getDriver ( int  driverId)