VCV Rack API v2
rack::midi Namespace Reference

Abstraction for all MIDI drivers in Rack. More...


struct  Device
 A single MIDI device of a driver API. More...
struct  Driver
 Wraps a MIDI driver API containing any number of MIDI devices. More...
struct  Input
struct  InputDevice
struct  InputQueue
 An Input port that stores incoming MIDI messages and releases them when ready according to their frame timestamp. More...
struct  Message
struct  Output
struct  OutputDevice
struct  Port
 A handle to a Device, typically owned by modules to have shared access to a single Device. More...


PRIVATE void init ()
PRIVATE void destroy ()
void addDriver (int driverId, Driver *driver)
 Registers a new MIDI driver. More...
std::vector< int > getDriverIds ()
DrivergetDriver (int driverId)

Detailed Description

Abstraction for all MIDI drivers in Rack.

Function Documentation

◆ init()

PRIVATE void rack::midi::init ( )

◆ destroy()

PRIVATE void rack::midi::destroy ( )

◆ addDriver()

void rack::midi::addDriver ( int  driverId,
Driver driver 

Registers a new MIDI driver.

Takes pointer ownership.

◆ getDriverIds()

std::vector< int > rack::midi::getDriverIds ( )

◆ getDriver()

Driver * rack::midi::getDriver ( int  driverId)