Audible Instruments

Based on Mutable Instruments Eurorack Modules

A diverse set of physical modeling sources, organic processors, algorithmic oscillators, waveshapers, granular synthesizers, and utility modules.


Audible Instruments is an authorized VCV Rack port of Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules.


Macro Oscillator: Braids, Manual
Macro Oscillator 2: Plaits, Manual
Modal Synthesizer: Elements, Manual
Tidal Modulator: Tides, Sheep (alternative firmware), Manual
Texture Synthesizer: Clouds, Manual
Meta Modulator: Warps, Manual
Resonator: Rings, Manual
Keyframer/Mixer: Frames, Manual
Multiples: Links, Manual
Utilities: Kinks, Manual
Mixer: Shades, Manual
Bernoulli Gate: Branches, Manual
Quad VC-polarizer: Blinds, Manual
Quad VCA: Veils, Manual
Random Sampler: Marbles, Manual
Segment Generator: Stages, Manual

Low CPU mode

All digital Audible Instruments modules are clocked at the same rate as their hardware counterparts to preserve the timbre of the original hardware. If exact sound matching is not needed, you can enable Low CPU mode on certain modules from the context menu when the panel is right-clicked. When enabled, no sample rate conversion is performed, but to maintain pitch, the frequency is adjusted based on the ratio of Rack’s internal sample rate and the original hardware’s clock rate.

Audible Instruments Preview

When Mutable Instruments releases a new Eurorack module, its source code is kept closed to limit the proliferation of opportunistic “DIY” clones at a time when there is a lot of demand for the module and to avoid exposing dealers to canceled pre-orders. After several months, a second production run is finished and the source code is released.

In a collaboration between VCV and Mutable Instruments, we allow you to try these new modules before their source code is publicly available with the Audible Instruments Preview plugin. We don’t intend to profit from this collaboration. Instead, 80% of sales are donated to the Direct Relief Humanitarian Medical Aid charity organization. The price exists to limit widespread distribution until each virtual module is mature enough to be merged into Audible Instruments.

Get it at the VCV Plugin Manager.


Tidal Modulator 2: Tides, Manual

Patch file updater

When a module from Audible Instruments Preview is moved to the open-source Audible Instruments plugin, your existing patches will display the message “Could not find module” when opened after updating your plugins. This utility simply rewrites the plugin slug “AudibleInstrumentsPreview” to “AudibleInstruments” for migrated modules as an easier alternative to using a text editor.

To update your patch, click the button below, select the .vcv patch file, and save over the existing file.

Alternatively, you can use this Python script to update patch files in bulk from the command line.