For assistance with your VCV account, feature requests and bug reports for VCV products, the VCV Library, and business/private requests, email or use the contact form on this page.

Bug report tips

To make sure your bug report can be reproduced and fixed, follow these tips.

  • Use a descriptive subject that best explains the bug in a sentence.
  • Include information about your system:
    • VCV Rack variant, version, and plugin format (e.g. Rack Pro 2.0.1, VST2 FX)
    • Operating system and version (e.g. Mac 10.15)
    • DAW and version if applicable
    • Hardware relevant to the bug (e.g. graphic card model, audio/MIDI interface)
  • Attach a screenshot if the bug is visual.
  • If Rack crashed, attach the log.txt file from your Rack user folder before re-launching Rack.

For third-party Rack plugins, contact the plugin developers using their contact information on the VCV Library.