Jobs at VCV

We create virtual Eurorack modular synthesizer software, such as VCV Rack, Rack modules, and a few open-source projects.

VCV is operated in Johnson City, Tennessee USA, but our small team is fully remote throughout USA, Europe, and Australia.

Software Tech Support Specialist

Posted 2022-08-10

We are seeking an independent contractor to respond to customer tickets and investigate/diagnose issues with VCV products.


  • Ability to clearly communicate with customers and staff.
  • Familiarity with software development processes.
  • Confidence with Mac and Windows.
  • Confidence with at least 1 music DAW: Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, etc.
  • Self-motivation, creative problem-solving skills, integrity.
  • (Optional) Ability to read C++ or similar programming languages.


  • Provide accurate, timely, and creative solutions to customer’s problems and questions.
  • Reproduce customer software issues and/or collect sufficient details for developer staff to reproduce.
  • Create internal technical tickets for developer staff to handle. Tickets must be unique (non-duplicate), fully accurate, and sufficient to reproduce.
  • Stay up to date on new product developments, manuals, changelogs, and development processes.

This is a remote position available to US and non-US candidates. $30-40/hour part-time, depending on technical background. Fully flexible schedule, work as many hours as needed. Send resume to to apply.