VCV Community Rules

These rules apply to all official VCV forums including:

Some VCV forums and sections of forums have specific rules in addition to this document. Before engaging in discussions on these forums, you should familiarize yourself with its specific rules in addition to these overall Community Rules.

Code of Conduct

This section is based on the Contributor Covenant version 1.4.

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, members must participate in making our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

Examples of behavior that contributes to creating a positive environment include:

Examples of unacceptable behavior by members include:

Discussion Guidelines

  1. Critique of others’ projects should be constructive, particularly if a project is offered free of charge such as an open-source/freeware plugin or music recording. It is always possible to offer advice to improve a project while keeping a positive attitude.

  2. Nobody is obligated to work for you free of charge. If you want someone to do a favor for you, you can:

    • Ask them nicely and accept their decision if they decline.
    • Offer to donate to their project in exchange for a favor.
    • Offer a favor in exchange, such as agreeing to compose demo patches for a plugin developer in exchange for adding a feature.

    If you have purchased a product/module, you may ask its seller/developer for support on the forums. However, it is generally better to use their contact information provided on their website or VCV Library page, since the developer might not always be active on the forums.

  3. Do not use the VCV community as a discussion forum for non-VCV commercial software products. Instead, please use the company’s official forum. VCV does not have the resources to moderate product support on behalf of other companies.

  4. Access to VCV community forums is a privilege. Public challenges to moderator decisions will result in a ban/suspension. However, it is okay to appeal or ask for clarification of a moderator decision in a private message or by emailing


Forum moderators have the right to remove or reject comments, messages, code, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to these rules, or to ban temporarily or permanently any member for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful. Moderators have the right to reorganize or edit member content for cleanup purposes provided the edits preserve the original meaning and intention of the content.

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by emailing or by reporting the content through the forum’s reporting feature.

Tips for Asking Better Questions