Based on Grayscale Eurorack Modules

An 8-step trigger sequencer with randomness and chainability.

Two logic gate processors with toggleable inputs and outputs.


This plugin is an authorized VCV Rack port of Grayscale Eurorack modules.


Algorhythm is an 8-step trigger sequencer. Illuminated switches provide control over looped and one-shot playback, sequential and random modes, and gate/trig output for the pattern. Loop length, pattern length, and gate/trig status can be modified during playback.


Binary is a 1-bit analog computer that takes up to six inputs and determines whether the output should be high or low. It is intended to combine gates/triggers from Algorhythm modules, but works with most other CV and audio sources within a modular system. Each input includes an on/off switch that illuminates when a pulse is received. The output can be switched from OR to NOR logic for different applications.


Binary² is an additional logic processor with OR (inclusive or), NOR (negated or), and XOR (exclusive or) logic gates. There is no hardware version, but it is a variant of Binary.