Fundraiser: Pure Data for VCV Prototype

This project has been successfully funded. Further donations will support bug reports and feature requests after release.

Pure Data for VCV Rack! This fundraiser supports the addition of libpd as an engine for VCV Prototype so it can load Pure Data patches.

Although Prototype was originally designed to load files written in a scripting language, its architecture allows graphical languages to be loaded as well, such as Pure Data patch files, if an engine is developed for it. All six inputs, outputs, knobs, buttons, and lights on Prototype will be accessible from your Pure Data patch.

Hardware modules such as Rebel Technology OWL, Magus, Salt, and mxmxmx terminal_tedium allow Pure Data patches to be used in the Eurorack hardware world. If funded, this project will achieve a similar goal with the VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer.


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Funded $900 of $700 goal. Deadline: June 27, 2020.

Funding goal reached!

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