Plugin Library

After adding a plugin to your VCV account, relaunch Rack and click “Library > Update all” in the menu bar to automatically download new and updated plugins. Free plugins are added to your account immediately upon clicking the “Free” button.

All plugins with “+” buttons are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Plugins with the “VCV” brand support the VCV Rack project.

Removing a plugin from your VCV account does not remove it from your Rack installation but only disables automatic synchronization. To fully remove a plugin, delete the folder from plugins/ in the Rack user folder.

VCV is only responsible for VCV plugins and does not completely review all third-party plugins on this list. VCV does not provide support for third-party plugins. Like VST/AU plugins, installing plugins from unknown sources may compromise your computer and personal information. VCV is not responsible for plugins that may damage your computer or invade your privacy.

Name Author Version Manual Source Donate Build updated Popularity

Only 1.x plugins can be loaded by Rack 1.x.

Developers: See Adding your plugin to the VCV Library.

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